mills middle sno cone students

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) – Two young cousins, 12-year-old, Raeghan Coleman, and 11-year-old Endia Sparks, provide their community with something sweet to cool them off during this extreme heat.

In Arkansas, temperatures have been climbing, and today it felt like 110 degrees in Little Rock.

These two cousins started Brainfreeze Snow Cone and Snack Shack during the pandemic.

One owner, Raeghan Coleman, said, “my dad wanted us to know how to count money and learn how it feels to be in his position”.

Coleman said the business started off as a small cart, and not it is a pink and blue vibrant trailer.

“We just want something that stood out,” said Coleman.

On hot days, like today, families come for something fun to do escape from the heat.

One father, Kenjuan Washington, who brought his family for snow cones said, “we just came to cool off”.

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There are at least three flavors that the girls sell, that are exclusive to their snow cone stand.

“Peach mango, and like tropical punch, and pina-pineapple, we make those flavors homemade,” said co-owner Raeghan Coleman.

Coleman said to they started with one main ingredient to make their flavors… sugar.  

“It takes a lot of sugar to make those flavors and we kind of found the sweetest one and then we just like kept going,” said Coleman.

The girls said they enjoy working, even in the heat.

Coleman said, “seeing people smile is the best thing because like I know people are like, it’s hot outside, and they want the snow cone and also the kids like sugar, so that’s also a good thing as well”.

Co-owner, Endia Sparks said her favorite part about working is, “sometimes we get to eat snow cones when it’s hot outside.”

They have big dreams for the future and to continue to keep the community cool .

“I hope that we at least get to a brick and mortar,” said Coleman.

A small snow cone is $1 and they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, check them out on Facebook.